Best nutrition to the body from best 6 vegetables

Natural vegetables are the best source of the nutrients and that can help the body in performing a various function. This provide health and prevent from serious ailments. The ten best vegetables that provide the best nutrition to the body are discussed below


Beets are rich in minerals, chlorophyll, vitamin A and C. It contains a high content of the calcium and the potassium that is good for the patients suffering from the joint problems. The tasty vegetable also contains a large amount of folic acid. Pregnant women can consume it because it prevents from birth defects and other fetus problems. The beets are the best source to detoxify the blood. It contains a special ingredient known as a beta that protects the liver and the bile ducts. Thus this vegetable is the best source of the nutrients and beneficial for health.


Broccoli contains the antioxidant agent that is effective against cancer. It contains a large amount of vitamin c that helps to prevent various diseases.  The sulforaphane is present in the broccoli that helps against the peptic ulcer and gastritis. The broccoli juice is very much energetic the consumption of one glass of raw broccoli juice help to kill the cancerous cells.


Cabbage and other related green leafy vegetables must be the part of the diet. The nutritionist suggests four portions of the cabbage in the week is useful and provide health benefits. cabbage is known as a super veggie because of the presence of rich nutrients in it. the cabbage is rich in phytochemicals, fibers, minerals and the vitamins. The main factor to eat the cabbage is that it also fight against cancer. It has antioxidant and the anti-inflammatory properties.


The presence of beta-carotene, phytochemicals, and the antioxidant make it an important vegetable. The people suffering from the eyesight issue are recommended to drink carrot juice or eat raw carrot to get the beneficial results. The carrots have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous as well as anti-aging effects. The presence of vitamin A prevents from the sun damage and the skin pigmentation. It is the natural beautifying agent. It also helps in cleaning of the colon and the help in bowel movement. One must include the carrots in the regular diet to avail its excellent health benefits.


Like other green leafy vegetables, celery is also rich in different minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It controls the acidity in the blood and helps in maintaining the body pH. It contains 8 different type of class that can combat with cancerous cells. The person must take celery in regular diets, it gives a good taste in salad.  It is also rich in fibers that help in improving the bowel movement and prevents from constipation.


Cucumber is the rich source of water. It contains vitamin c, A and K as well as phosphorus. It contains ascorbic acid that prevents from dehydration and constipation. It is an excellent source of the silicone which is the building block of the connective tissues and the muscle. Cucumber is also the beautifying vegetable, it provides shine to the skin and hairs as well as help in reducing the dark spots and circle around the eyes and the face parts. It is the natural hydrating agent for the body.

All the vegetables discussed above have their own nutritional value and are best for the health. One must eat all the vegetables and keep himself healthy. Daily intake of a bowl full of mixed vegetables provides the complete calories, maintain the body weight and keep the body healthy. Take vegetables, keep healthy and kick out the diseases.

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