How Our Environment is Changing the Way We Live

People are more familiar with genetics more than ever. They have learned how much they affect our lives. This is a well-established fact that our environment affects our health conditions and ultimately our lifestyle. They are responsible for the lifecycle as well as the disease progression. It has now been scientifically proven that the environmental factor affects our genes. These genes are the one responsible to make proteins and ultimately our human body. However, if there are certain changes in our gene, the resultant proteins will not be as we expect them to be. Hence, the results would be unpredicted results.

This is mainly studied under the name of epigenetics. It basically covers the modification and the changes that occur at the genetic level. This also explains how two meters of DNA is enfolded in a microscopic cell.

When people are diagnosed with cancer, their epigenetic system is prone to be damaged, influencing the gene activities. This makes epigenetics the most important tool and our most important asset in fighting the deadliest diseases.

Moreover, the most exciting thing about these altered genes is that once they are altered then they have the ability to be transferred to generations. This basically involves two more traits.

Some of the Deadly Environmental Factors:

Humans are exposed to the environmental factors since the beginning of time. The most important factors are the chemicals. One of the most popular ones includes benzene. It has the ability to change the pattern of our genes. They ultimately have a negative impact on our health, hence introducing new diseases.This either introduce new genetic disorders or increase the probability of the occurrence of the disease.

Besides epigenetics, our body is affected by some of the following ways as well:

  • Mutagen

These are basically chemical, physical or biological agents that have the ability to perform cause changes in our body to the gene level.

The chemical agent includes the chemicals in a cigarette. These have the tendency to cause cancer. Ultraviolet light also has the tendency to cause skin cancer. It is more common in people who have less melatonin.

  • Gene Interaction

During coding of the genes, the RNA puts whatever similar structure it finds. However, our system undergoes proofreading as well. If there are any changes in the coding the system will find it and make changes. Nevertheless, this kind of changes is hard to decipher by our system.

  • Transcription Factors

Stress is one of the factors that influence the proteins. Some other pollutants are also responsible to do so.

Other than that you can develop abnormal conditions due to improper dietary conditions as well. If you are not taking a proper diet, your body will not respond to methylation. Methylation is how your body knows that your genes need to replicate and form a new cell. This can develop in some kind of abnormality.

Scientist carries out the chronic test in order to identify and sequence your genes. This is basically a personalized epigenetics test.  This will help them to identify that what diet you should go for and what are the things that you should stay away from.

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