How to Sleep Better

How to Sleep Better

1. Relax a bit 

Many people have to cope with stress-induced sleep problems. That’s why it’s advisable to try out relaxation remedies before bedtime. You can read an interesting book, take a warm bath, or even listen to some soothing music. If you think you’re burdened to remember what you have to do the following day, it’s great preparing a to-do list. You’ll have less to worry about. 

2. Make your own routine 

Normally, babies and children fall asleep at a specific time, once they’re subjected to a routine. Adults are also no different. Once your body is programmed to naturally fall asleep at certain times, that lasts. Fix your bedtime, and create your relaxation framework and you’ll see how your sleeping improves. 

3. Keep off technology gadgets 

Keep your smartphone, computer, and TV away from your bedroom. Also, avoid using them for about one hour before retiring to bed. Let me tell you why. These devices release a blue light that’s detrimental to your sleep hormone melatonin

4. Ensure a conducive sleeping environment 

Check to see that your bed is supportive, spacious, and comfortable. This way you’ll sleep without waking after every other hour. Your room should have a temperature ranging from 16 C to 18 C. That’s warm enough for a goodnight’s sleep. Your mattress should be comfortable and supportive, check out these Saatva mattress reviews. Finally, eliminate clutter, any unpleasant smells as well as pale colors from your sleeping area. 

5. Stop checking on the watch 

Continuously worrying about the time, would make you think you’ll have insufficient sleeping time. Since it’s a challenge you’ll probably encounter, how can you cope with it? Allow pleasant thoughts to flow into your mind and forget about the need to keep checking on your watch. If you feel more need to check on your watch, you can turn it around or place it away from your room. That way you’ll not have a sight of it.

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