4 Meals with Most Protein to Take If You are Body Builder:

Bodybuilding is more than just building muscles. In fact, it is everyone’s game however it takes deep knowledge as well as dedication to educate oneself that which move will serve the purpose right for you. In addition to the normal routine exercises, proper diet is a key to it.

To put it in simple words, it would be right to say that in order to pack pure muscles, diet is the only and foremost significant part of the overall bodybuilding program. You may workout according to the plan but in case you fail to take in the proper diet, you will not be able to achieve the desired physique.

No doubt supplements are taken side by side as well. But no one can deny the fact that things will not work as desired in case there is no support for proper food. Muscles are all proteins and hence whoever wants to enjoy muscle building needs to have a protein-rich diet.

In other words, it would be very right to say that body heavily relies on the food items and supplements that facilitate in creating circumstances that lead to huge gains. No doubt there are unlimited choices accessible in the market; there are few muscle builders’ diets that can be on the shopping list of the bodybuilders.

Amino acids are indeed the building blocks of proteins and it turns out to be the building blocks of muscles. No doubt, our bodies make amino acids within itself, but a true bodybuilder will have to get most of his amino acids from food items that are rich in protein.

Underlined are 4 meals that are considered be protein packed in every manner:

Fat-free Cottage Cheese:

It contains valuable protein based meal in case your aim is muscle enhancement. Casein based protein along with the whey-based protein is known to be the two most important proteins in bodybuilding.

Whey protein is a liquid by-product during the process of cheese production. Casein is there in the curds separates from the whey during the procedure. Therefore, cottage cheese is simply the whey and casein.

Consuming the half cup of fat-free cottage cheese will amuse your body with 16 grams of highly beneficial protein and 80 calories.

Canned Tuna:

When it is about easy and quick food that is high in protein, then nothing can beat the canned tuna. It is known for benefiting the bodybuilders beyond what we call is convenience.

In addition to boost value of proteins, tuna constitutes Omega 3 fatty acids. These facilitate in preventing the loss of muscles, and at the same time elevate metabolism as well as boost the immunity in every possible manner.

Three ounces of albacore tuna that is white and water packed, offers around 109 calories with 2.5 grams of fat while 20 grams of protein.

Turkey Breast:

White meat of turkey is considered to be providing an intense protein-packed meal. Eight ounce, single serving of turkey meat offers 60 grams of proteins with the very low amount of fat.

The same is not the case with the dark meat. It is because though it is high in proteins but at the same time, it is fattier. It is worth stating here that turkey breast is the piece that is the more appetizing choice as compared to the other menus that are high in proteins while low in fat.


Some of the experts believe that eggs are one of the most muscle building foods accessible in the market. Each egg constitutes eight amino acids for the building as well as maintenance of the muscles. In addition to it, an egg contains several acids, vitamins, and other nutrients that are important for regrowth and healing of the muscles.

Some of the bodybuilders may worry about the fat content of the egg, it has been found that there is nothing to worry about in this regards. No doubt, eggs have 5 grams of fat each; however, 1.5 grams is the saturated bad fat.

Also, eggs have cholesterol which then again has no proof that it adds to the human high cholesterol. Therefore, it can be concluded that egg contains no cholesterol or fat but only protein. Serving of 6 albumins and two yolks offer 153 calories and 27 grams of proteins.

A bodybuilder is believed that a bodybuilder should make use of somewhere between one and one and a half grams of proteins each pound of body weight on daily basis. Most of the times, it should possibly be coming from healthy high protein diet and at the same time with low sugar, and low-fat foods like we just talked above.

To add to the accuracy of protein intake, you may track consumption of your protein diet with the tracking tools that are easily accessible online.

You want to build the muscles; hence you need to keep it in mind that you are actually feeding the muscles while burning the fats at the same time. You may find other sources of proteins in the market but you need to ensure that they are not causing anything wrong or bad to your body. These above mentioned are the diets that serve this purpose of feeding the muscles without adding to the fats.

The perfect performance diets appear to be fancy and complicated but in fact, they are asked on the basic principles of very simple food items. All you need to do is to eat the right food and the body will respond accordingly.

No doubt it is always exciting to begin a new training program to get a leaner and a toned physique. It does not matter if this includes traditional weight lifting, mixed martial arts or whatever, if not well blended with the right food it will not be going to deliver the desired consequences for you.

Be vigilant in whatever you are eating and you will reap the fruits in best possible manner. Good luck with your protein-packed diet and muscle building process.

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