Secure and Instant Heat and Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is one of the reliable procedures of muscular injuries and acute joint treatment. Compression and ice assist in the reduction of inflammation on the site of the damage. Also, it can minimize bleeding and help reduce muscle pain and spasms.

Heat Packs are essential in soothing stiff joints and relax muscles after pulled muscle injury (acute injury). Most athletes use Heat Therapy to make sure the tissues are warm-up before physical exercise or therapy. The limitation with some Thermal Packs is that they must wrap in the place where there is an injury. It also needs to balance on the site of the damage. In most cases, it’s hard to do this when there is a single freehand. In some instances, the pack fails to remain in place.

We have come up with Nyce Pack to mold in any section of the body with a single hand. The Nyce Pack remains there to give useful and instant temperature therapy. You can store in the refrigerator for quick access or undergo microwave warm-up. The Nyce Pack can effectively place in no time to your: head, knee, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, back, neck, and head. There’s no tape, straps, or wrapping required.

An Excellent Heat and Ice Pack Design

The unique design of form-fitting Nyce Pack is generally its Wire Filament Skeleton (patent-pending). Twisted flexible wires installed in the Thermal Pouch allow users to use the Nyce Pack. It will enable adjustments to its shape to fit smoothly in all body parts without kinking. Also, the wires allow all users to make use of Gentle Compression as additional help in minimizing inflammation and swelling.

The inner gel pack for temperature-sensitivity can be easily separated with its cover of protection to be heated in a microwave or cooled in the refrigerator. The cover comes from breathable and soft neoprene, which gives a significant amount of comfort between the skin and the pack. So there are no additional padding or towels required. There are 16.5 inches x 6.5 inches small in size. 16.5 inches x 12.5 inches larger sizes give more possibilities and cover more area.

Hassle-Free Nyce Pack for Shoulder

Getting a heat or an ice pack to be in the proper spot on the shoulder is quite a struggle. Standard Temperature Packs do not remain in the required place without some form of wrapping. The shoulder structures make wrapping a hard nut to crack.

Nyce Pack for Shoulders Saves the Day

Utilizing the same Form-fitting and flexible wire filament is appropriate. Since our packs mold themselves effectively on shoulders and easily stay in place. All users can walk or rest anywhere with no fear of the pack falling off or shifting.

For the convenience of users, 25 inches x 8 inches shoulder Nyce Pack can hold ice cubes. They are essential when one is on the move or in ballfields. These features enable you to enjoy the advantages of form-fitting wrap that stay flexible. Nyce Pack is perfect for these people: It is convenient for kids with scrapes, bruises, and bumps. It’s proper for travelers with neck pains, those who have arthritis, and an athlete with an acute injury.

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