Signs of Stress and Treatment with Memory Reconsolidation Therapy

Signs of stress and treatment

Stress, anxiety and depression are very common these days. There are several reasons of this problem in men and women. We can define stress as the state of emotional and mental strain that occurs due to adverse circumstances. It is the problem that leaves negative impact on the personality.

The majority of people experience stress when you discipline your kids during your working or busy time, when you cope with a challenging relationship. Too much stress causes sickness and it makes you weak physically and mentally. Stress can affect your memory as well.

Signs of stress and treatment

Your 1st step control stress is to know the signs. You know it is the reaction of the body to the harmful situation. A chemical reaction occurs in the body that offers you to act. In this stress response, blood pressure rises, muscles tighten, breathing quickens and heart rate increases. If this happens many times or most of the time in your routine life then it leaves negative impact on your brain function and memory.

Effects of Stress:

Effects of Stress:

Due to the stress, the human brain comes slowdown in performing its functions. It reduces the brain structure and leaves negative impact on the hippocampus. It is the area of the brain that performs the function of learning, emotion, memory. It is one of the 2 areas of the brain where formation of new cells of brain occurs in the human life.

Human brain updates memory and new things by the time. Due to anxiety and tension, it leaves or slows down its updating process.

Some people faces the problem of short-term memory loss. This happens, in the start of the problem when your brain is starting to shrink. Due to this reason, patient suffers from severe headaches, especially when he puts stress on brain for remembering things.

How to Treat the Problem?

How to treat the problem?

The memory reconsolidation therapy is the right treatment for stress. It is the process that relates that human brain updates memory that we learn new things. It is vital when we need to change how we feel, behave, think. If you need to get rid of panic attacks, depression and anxiety disorder.

For the patient, it is good to try talking therapies. It helps changing unwanted memories, feelings and thoughts. This is the best way to keep your nerves calm and stimulates the cells of the brain to perform its function properly.

How to treat the problem?

Patient should identify the memories where real learning is taking place. It causes your current problem. The challenge is to update the real learning or memory if it is very old. This therapy is useful for patients in all phases of life, including your physical health, thinking ability, behaviors, emotions and others. Different people have different tendencies.

They have different approach to handle the situations. This is the reason the impact on them of therapy can be different. If someone is suffering from the sever problems than it is better to discuss your doctor and therapy leaves impact slowly on them.

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