Six Super Food for Heart Health

The human heart is one of the vital human organs. No one can neglect it’s important for living ahealthy life. So it should be correct and must be working well all the time. Any failure in its functioning will result in discomfort or may lead to death. So one should pay proper care to its health before its ruins normal lifestyles. A person should live ahealthylifestyleand should eat healthily. A healthy lifestyle includes controlling mood swings and adopting active lifestyles. One should do proper exercise,a morning walk is a gem for everyone. Moreover one should be too much care about food too. Below is the list of top six food items one should eat to maintain his health.

1-Dark Chocolate:

            Who would ignore or say “NO” to chocolates? People believe that eating chocolate is unhealthy but remember anexcess of everything is bad. So eating dark chocolate is actually healthy for heart health. Cocoa beans play an important role in lowering body fats. An ounce of dark chocolate contains only 150 calories so is healthy for weight conscious peoples too. Dark chocolate or any chocolate with 70% cocoa beans will be the chocolate healthy for health.


            Oatmeal is complete nu trion full food for every age group. It is high in soluble fiber will lowercholesterol. Interestingly oats will absorb all the extra cholesterol before absorbing in the blood. However one should completely avoid instant oats as they may contain anextra amount of sugar.


            Eating every type of berry will be helpful in caringfor heart disease.  People who eat more than three servings of berries in weeks have 32% fewer chances of getting aheart attack. Strawberries and Blueberries contain a compound anthocyanins and flavonoids which help in dilating blood vessels and decreasing blood pressure.

4-Citrus Fruits:         

            Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which is helpful in curing many hearts and skin diseases. Moreover, people who ate oranges,lemon waters and grapefruits will have low bloodpressure and will never face ischemic stroke. Be cautioned one should take fresh homemade juices as packed one may contain added sugar.


            Dry fruits or nuts are multifunctional foods. Nuts like walnuts,peanuts, pistachios or almonds contain vitamin E which will help in lowering bad cholesterol. Walnuts are also high in omega 3 fatty acids. Again nuts should be in raw form or in unsalted form. Salted nuts will definitelyincrease blood pressure.


            Intelligent use of vegetables like tomato,potato, broccoli or spinach is too much healthy for theheart.  Moreover, green vegetable ismorehelpful for maintaining and improving heart health. They contain antioxidants and are rich in fiber and mineral. So all of these ingredients are stretchered heart walls and lowers blood pressure. Again they should be cooked intelligently to function properly.


Above are 6best Nutrition for Heart Health but there is many another ingredient which is super good for heart health. However to gain proper benefits from them, one should cook them in oliveoils, and use of natural food items will boost the results.

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