What to Eat before and After Workout?

The workout is essential nowadays in the midst of busy lifestyle of a modern human. People got baffled sometimes with the primary question of what to eat before and after a workout since body energy level deviates during this time. Get ready to kick out the confusion once and for all with a top list of pre and post workout foods that contribute to the healthy lifestyle.

People do a workout at different times, some of them do workout after dinner and consume a bit that serves as fuel before the intense exercise session. Many people on a weight loss campaign make mistakes with diet plan and additional food consumes during workout intervals.

Maintaining a calorie chart can be hard and time-consuming at times. The convenient solution is information regarding the food that can be consumed before and after exercise. This article is going to list down two lists of best possible food that can be eaten before and after a workout so that person achieves desired goals in workout sessions.

Before listing down the top 5 foods before and after a workout it is imperative to understand the notion behind the selection of foods. The optimal energy based foods that are useful for weight loss should be opt-in adequate quantity minimum one hour before exercise. After workout muscles are low on glycogen levels and energy. Nutrients rich food is vital to achieving desired goals in a workout, for example the muscle mass or etc.

Top 5 Pre Workout Foods are following:

  1. Bananas: Bananas are a great source of potassium. Dr. Louise Burke termed Bananas as nature’s power bars. Bananas have digestible carbohydrates which help in proper muscle function. Bananas should be combined with protein and in a result synergic effect is best for the body before a workout.
  2. Oats: Fiber is best for weight loss because it fills the stomach and doesn’t result in fat. The fiber helps in digestion and contains carbohydrates which keep a good consistent level of energy for the exercise. A bowl of oats will do the perfect job for adequate energy level.


  1. Dried Fruit: Dried fruits consist of simple carbs that provide energy for the intense workout. It doesn’t result in weight gain and a quarter cup of dried fruits is best. Apricots, pineapple, and berries are recommended by the fitness experts.
  2. Chickpeas: Chickpeas are simple snack which gives an adequate amount of carbs, protein, and fiber. Fitness experts recommend a quarter cup and it does not require any cooking and time-consuming preparations as well.
  3. Grapes: Grapes helps in expanding blood vessels and increase nitric oxide level. Also, grapes are a rich source of vitamin A, C, and B6.

Top 5 Post-Workout Foods are following:

  1. Fruits Smoothies: Multiple ingredients can be made part of a smoothie. Make sure that good quality protein and carbohydrate are part of a smoothie. A number of fruits make a combined effect and maintain the energy levels after an excessive workout.
  2. Beans: Beans contain protein and carbohydrates. 100 grams are recommended after a workout. Beans are also rich in nutrients and vitamins.
  3. Fish: Healthy Omega-3 fish is a perfect post-workout food. Bowled vegetables and rice can be consumed with fish. Protein rich Salmon is recommended.
  4. Low Fat Yoghurt: Yoghurt is rich in calcium and vitamins. 1 bowl of yogurt with the addition of fruits is recommended.
  5. Oranges: Oranges are rich in vitamin C and boost the immune system. It delivers a combo of vitamins and minerals. Also, it helps in hydration.

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