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At Nut Box, we want you to write for us health and other posts related to the healthcare sector with genuine and original contents. We want the creators to develop SEO-friendly content that provides rich and dependable information about health, fitness and beauty. Writers must understand that these informative posts are crucial for imparting data and information about health.

We expect the content to reflect your expertise and knowledge in the subject. We prefer topics covering in-depth information in health & fitness niche. We do not limit anyone to creating health-related content for our site. Let us state our aims here precisely.

We aim to create highly informative blogs about healthcare sectors to create awareness among our readers. We are a blog site with numerous varieties of categories dedicated to healthcare.

Why Write For Us?

If you are interested in creating health-related guest posts with trustable data, we can offer you a diverse platform for increased visibility. In addition, we offer you a publishing platform that can help you channel potential traffic towards your site. But it is only possible if you focus on creating niche-rich quality content and post it on our platform.

Our readers are precious to us. That is why we urge the writers to submit reliable health-related information. Write in an interesting manner to improve engagement, while you present the details of your content to our readers. As long as you can educate and engage the audiences here with well-researched and meaningful content, we would be happy to publish your content. So come, and health write for us.

Categories For Which You Can Write For Us

At Nut Box, we encourage writers to submit blogs covering multiple sectors like:

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Supplements
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Physical Therapy
  • Corrective exercise

Writing Guidelines To Keep In Mind While Writing For Us:

  • Original, Creative & Engaging: We accept only original content related to the above mentioned categories. We will only post your guest content if it is well-written and unique. Keep your content precise and engaging for the readers. Please do not send us articles that are already published somewhere else. We check your content using Google and Copyscape before posting them on our site. So, let’s not waste any time regarding this.
  • Word Limit: We encourage you to write in-depth posts. The more you can display your knowledge about a particular category, the better visibility it gets on our platform. So, keep your content within 1500-2000 words.
  • Relevant Content: Please keep the title and content relevant to our blog category. In case of any queries, you can email us to know more about the topic before sending the content. Please keep a catchy and attractive title that can attract the audience. We will require some time to review your article and send you the URL link once it is published successfully.
  • No Copyright Images: If you want to include images in your healthcare blog, make sure they are original and do not include any copyright issues. It should be licensed or belong to the public domain.
  • Backlinks: We will accept only one link in the content body. Please note that we will remove the affiliate and commercial links, if any, from the content before posting.
  • Rights To Edit: We reserve complete rights to edit, remove and add information as required to the submitted content. Please note in the case of links; we will be editing and removing the links if it doesn’t comply with our rules.
  • Advertisement: Please make sure that the content isn’t directly promoting any services or products in your guest post. Refrain from using any promotional language or including sponsored tags within the guest post.
  • Plagiarism: We are strict about accepting unique content. So, keep it 100% unique as we will not accept or publish any plagiarized content on our platform.

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For Categories, you can add category name along with this query

  • “write for us” wellness
  • “write for us” health tips
  • “write for us” healthcare
  • “write for us” healthy lifestyle
  • “write for us” medical blog

Apart from these, we encourage you to include:

  • Subheading and short paragraphs that can make the entire content appealing and readable.
  • Please remember to include an author byline in your content.
  • We would like you to link content to your future blogs and articles. Therefore, please select the topic relevantly and link it later with your future content.
  • We are selective when it comes to posting content on our platform. That is why we have managed to create a solid audience base in the market. Therefore, please keep your content engaging, crisp, data-driven, interesting, and unique.

To health and fitness write for us, following these guidelines can help you post your guest content on our site successfully.