Best Nutrition Diets for Future Mom’s

Becoming a Mother is not that easy. It requires 9 months of hardship to give birth and experience a heavenly experience. The total energy cost during pregnancy is 77,000 calories. Healthy mom means healthy baby and important part of the healthy lifestyle is healthy food.

During, the course of 9-months pregnancy a woman eats an adequate amount of rich nutrition diet which helps in growth of the fetus. Lack of nutrition based diet can result in deficiency and birth abnormalities. Mainly in later stages, a wholesome diet full of calories rich in nutrients at about 250-300 rate is required every day.

The diets consumed by future moms have dramatic outcomes. There are many amazing nutrition based diets and shakes that are beneficial for future moms. This article is going to list down the top 8 best nutrition diets for amazing future moms.

  1. Using Eggs: Eggs are a wonderful source of nutrients. It contains almost all types of nutrients body requires. Most importantly it contains Omega-3 which is fundamental in the development of the central nervous system, eye development and brain growth over the course of 9-month pregnancy.
  2. Lean Meat: Lean meat is a rich source of nutrients which include protein, iron, and zinc. Lean meat helps in body metabolism, red blood cells formation and contributes to the strengthening of the nervous system. Overall it is quite effective in making the immune system stronger. During pregnancy zinc acquired from lean meat helps in rapid cell growth.
  3. Fiber-Enriched Foods: Fiber is known for preventing constipation once taken with a healthy dose of fluid. Doctors recommend high fiber intake for future moms during pregnancy. Wholegrain bread, legumes, nuts and some vegetables and fruits contain high quantity of fiber good for health. Such as cereals, vegetables and etc.
  4. Foods Containing Iron: Often there is an advertisement of artificial milk rich in iron. Iron deficiency is a major concern for future moms.

During pregnancy, there is an increase in blood volume and body requirements for iron increases. Iron is said to be necessary for normal development of developing baby and placenta. Doctors do recommend an iron supplement to fill the requirement of 27-30 mg per day. Best diets for iron are:

  • Red meat
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Spinach
  • Poultry
  • Beetroot
  1. Milk: It is often said milk is an important nutrient-based drink for women during pregnancy. It is recommended to have the fundamental amount of calcium which can be translated into 24 ounces of non-fat milk every day for pregnant moms. According to a study by British scientists, milk can boost the IQ level of their babies. Iodine is the reason behind the increase in the level of IQ.
  2. Cereals: Cereals are a great source of Folate and Fiber. The market consists of amazing cereals with great nutrients best for mothers. Folate helps in preventing abnormalities in children.
  3. Foods Containing Iodine: Iodine helps in brain development and solves neurological issues in the baby. Healthy thyroid functions on the basis of the adequate amount of iodine consumed by the mother during pregnancy. Examples are cranberries, yogurt, sea vegetables and etc.
  4. Fruits and Vegetables: Another important vitamin is vitamin C that helps in larger blood volume and helps in the growth of the baby in the womb. Fruits such as oranges contain a great amount of vitamin C.