Diet of a Sportsman Before, During, and After Workout

It is a myth that one shouldn’t eat anything during and before exercise. One may eat but not everything and not in any amount. Eating anything during a workout will create hurdle during a workout. Especially drinking enough water in one goes will cause bloating and one may face severe problems. However, studies show that one should drink cold water during the workout. One may eat something before a workout as it will act as fuel but there us again some timings of eating food.

Food to Eat Before Exercising:

The key fact about eating before exercise is to eat something which is healthy and easy to digest. One may eat a piece of apple or banana as it will be healthy and will provide energy for the workout. One should eat these fruit about 5 to ten minutes before a work out. Low-fatyogurt,whole wheat cereals,carbohydrates are some of the other helpful options. One should hydrate oneself before working out. A sportsman should avoid saturated fats or something which is hard to digest or consume too much energy before working out. So the fact is clear that one should eat intelligently initially before working out.

Fluids to drink during Workout:

If one wants to have something during theworkout, then he should go for fluids.  Fluids are something which can be taken easily during aworkout.Consider a scenarioin which one is working out and needs to refuel him. In such situation,onedefinitely wants to eat something, but it is better to go for fluids. Water is the best fluid among all. One can have one and a half cup of fluid after every 15 to 20 minutes. However, the amount mainly depends on theweather,type of sweating and amount of sweating.

Eating during Workout:

As sportsman usually need to eat more than usual for theproper functioning of thebody. So their working out timing is also more than a normal person. Due to this reason, they may eat during working out or initially before working out. So they should eat something which is light weight as eating something heavier will result in bloating up. Moreover as per nutritious, one should eat some snacks. Vitamins and minerals are not energetic but are important to thefunction of thebody so eat these. Avoid eating something during exercise as it will cause stomach pain.

Diet after Exercises:

Refueling becomes more important after aworkout. Here one can eat healthy snacks which contain carbohydrates. An eating sandwich is ahealthy option for snacks after a hard workout. It is good to eat asmaller portion of food after initially after aworkout if one has to eat in bulk he or she should wait for about 2 to 3 hours.

A sportsman should be very much considerate about the type of food to eat before, during, and after a workout. He should consult his trainer about every food and move.