The five detrimental effects of supplemental nutrition drinks

The supplemental drinks are the alternative sources of the meals for those who have difficulty in chewing, have appetite problems and difficulty in preparing the balanced meals or need supplements to recover from illness or surgery. There are different types of drinks available in the market that can help people to overcome their nutritional problems. These include

  • shakes are intended for oral consumption and are easily available in the grocery stores, the person can take them to increase calories and proteins. Usually, the person doing gym ad want to build the muscles take protein shakes. Some shakes are prepared to provide compatibility with health problems like diabetes. These shakes are fortified with vitamins and flavors are added to give a better
  • Formulas are designed for different disease situations like cancer, pulmonary obstructive disease, and kidney diseases. These are for oral consumption but do not taste good so usually are given to the patients through the feeding tubes.

Supplemental nutrition provides benefits to the body but it also shows some side effects.  The five detrimental effects of supplemental nutrition drinks are discussed below

Gain in weight

Some supplements are meant to reduce the weight while most of these drinks are prepared to improve the weight. The presence of the sugar and other carbohydrates tend to increase the weight especially if the drinks are consumed more than the required or prescribed by the practitioner. The protein shakes help in the building of the muscles but if regular exercise is not performed it ay result in fat deposition thus resulting in weight gain.

Loss of appetite

These dietary supplements result in loss of appetite, as they are heavy and high caloric the person feels filled up and does not prefer to eat fresh food or natural fruits and vegetables. This may create weakness in the person and he may face some health problems.

Nutrient deficiencies

Although the supplements are fortified with vitamins, antioxidants and other useful minerals but not all these supplements contain all these nutrients. The person dependent on these unnatural drinks may develop nutritional deficiencies. This may create certain health problems like constipation, hemorrhoids or other health-related issues

Discomfort indigestion

These supplemental drinks have a chemical that has replaced the natural nutrients. Some contain a high amount of lactose in it that may cause the problem to the people who are lactose resistant and unable to tolerate it. The other people may face bloating, diarrhea or other digestive problems if they consume these drinks in large amounts or frequently. These drinks do not contain fibers or related nutrients thus causing severe constipation.

Addiction problem

The dietary supplements are creating addiction problem in the people who take these frequently. The test reports have shown that certain agents are added in these drinks that cause addiction and the person craves for this drink instead of the natural meals. Some of these supplements contain harmful metals like lead, cadmium, and arsenic that are causing serious health ailments including cancer.

The people suffering from some health problems if are given these supplements must consume with care and strictly follow the instruction of the prescriber. As soon as he recovers from the disease he must stop consuming these supplemental drinks, this is important to prevent himself from different health issues and serious addictions. Try to take natural fruits and vegetables that are rich in all the nutrients and have no side effects. These drinks look healthy and nutritious but are full of detrimental side effects so it is good to avoid unnatural supplements and switch to natural fruits, vegetables, and fresh meals.