5 Tips for Teens to Eat Healthily

Teenage is one the best age group for both girls and boy. It is the age which is remembered by most of the people in thepositive moment. This age triggers most of the part of the life. A person undergoes many changes in this age. These changes are emotional as well as physical changes.  Parents and teens themselves should pay special attention towards food intake in this age. Proper food and work out is best for ahealthy lifestyle. Parents are much concerned about their teen’s health. So here are 5 Tips for Teens to Eat Healthy.

1-Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Teen follow a very unhealthy eating routine of skipping breakfast. They think that they look cool if they skip breakfast in the morning. Moreover, teens adopted an unhealthy and disturbed routine of waking up late in the morning. So teens ignore breakfast,which is the first meal of the day. Breakfast provides energy to work. Studies show that people who skip breakfast will eat more than usual during thedaytime, so obesity is the end result.

2-Drink Plenty of Water:

Doctors and nutrition suggest everyone drink upto 2 liters of the water in a day. One can replace skimmed milk or fresh juices with water. Whereas our teen replaces water withenergy drink or processed juices. These drinks provide less amount of energy. Teens also become addictive with these drinking habits. Moreover, if a person won`t drink, he will feel tired the whole day.

3-Healthier Snacks:

Fast foods and unhealthy snacks are taking agreat part of teen’s food. Chips or cold drinks have moved towards lunch from snacks. These snacks do nothing just filling thebelly.So one should take snacks which are healthy and tasty too. One should take healthy snacks like fruits or nuts. Nuts are not only healthy snacks but are lighter too. Nuts have their own great nutritional value. If one is asweettooth, then he should opt for fruit or fruit juices instead of biscuits and fizzy drinks.

4-Workout Routine:

People think that one shouldn’t go for a walk or workout routine is for those who are either fat or want to build muscles.Moreover, they think that working out is not for teens. All these types of thinking result in obesity and laziness. Parents should encourage their teens about working out and waking up early in the morning for awalk. These will result in healthier and active life.

5-Early to Bed Early to Rise:

Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise is the item we are hearing since we were kids. If you focus on this idiom, you will see that every bit of it is correct. If one wakes up early in the morning, he will have a lot of time to perform his daily routine. Moreover if one wakes up early in the morning will have settled and eating routine.