Five Top Foods for Sportsman

Everybody needs healthy diet to stay fit and work actively. Nature has gifted us with avarietyof foods and nothing in the world is useless. Every food has some nutritional value which is important for specific functions. This is the reason doctor recommend adifferent type of food. They also discourage us to stick one type of food. Fortunately or unfortunately this type of formula goes wrong with thesportsman. They are told by their trainers to eat aspecific type of food. The food which is requires building stamina and strengthening muscles and healing different injuries quickly. So there issome or the foods which will do wonders for thesportsman.


All types of berries,i.e., strawberries or blackberries work wonderfully for athletes. They are rich in vitamins A,C, and E. These nutrients are best in thebuilding,repairing and strengthen muscles till older ages. Sportsman is instructed to take berries with darker colors as they are intensive in substances. One may take them as snacks, as part of cereals or in smoothies. Trainers told sportsman to eat them in variety rather than sticking to one type of berry.


Being vegetarian athletes, one will definitelychoose something meatless and yet full of proteins. So for that group of people beans are best alternatives. They include soybeans, lentils,beans, and pea. Beans are a great source of vegetableprotien they are a good source of fiber and are healthy inprevention for heart disease. Moreover, they give asense of fullness for alonger period.


Bananas are full of potassium so will give strength to bones and helpful in rebuilding them. Moreover,they help in regulating fluids and preventing muscular cramps. Trainers always discourage peoples to eat processed form of bananas as they contain sugars which are not healthy for proper heart functioning. One should have bananas as abackup as the potassium sweat out during physical activity. Bananas are quick energy sources.


Nuts are acombination of protein and healthy fats. Athletes should add nuts in their food as this is a multifunctional food which balances one`s blood sugar,give energy and boost stamina. Different nuts have different functions. Almonds are used to improve vision.People can use peanut butter for better taste and providing strengthmuscles and bones to by repairing and rebuilding cells and tissues.

5-Milk and Dairy Products:

Milk and other dairy products are wonderful food for sportsmen who are beginners and for professional experts too. Milk is full of calcium and iron, so it will give strength to the bones and increases stamina.  People injured should take milk and raw egg mixed for fast recovery from wounds. Besidemilk,yogurt is also full of nutrition.

Though there are many other foods which are healthy and there are some supplements too which keeps some people young and strong. However, supplements can`t be alternatives to natural products.